Friday, April 24, 2009

Mallorca beaches

Playa de Palma is one of the most popular beaches of Mallorca. It is located near Palma and is one of the best cared for and connected beaches of the island. A large proportion of visitors stay in the Playa de Palma area (Ca'n Pastilla, El Arenal, Cala Estancia). The Magaluf area, in Calvià, is a British holiday area par excellence. It has a wide offer of restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs. If you are looking for more isolated beaches you should visit Calas de Mallorca (Manacor), an area consisting of several small coves and Formentor, from where you can see Menorca on a clear day. They have all received EU awards for their beauty and safety.

Among the many beaches in Mallorca, there is also room for the deep-rooted tradition of naturist beaches. In Mallorca, there are several naturist beaches both near and away from Palma. Nudism is practised in Es Trenc (Campos), la Playa del Mago (Portals Vells) and several other places.

One of the advantages of being on island is that when the winds blow from the north the beaches facing that direction will have a heavy swell. This makes them ideal to practise sports like windsurfing and surfing, although you have to be careful if you are going canoeing. The same happens when the wind blows from the south.

Before swimming it is important to check the sea conditions and follow the flag indications that can be found in most beaches of Mallorca. A green flag means that it is safe to swim, yellow means that you must be careful and red that you should not go into the water due to poor sea conditions.


Anonymous said...

I think Mallorca and the surround islands are amongst the best beaches in Spain. I always book a Mallorca Holidays each and every year even if only for a weekend

patricia said...

Water sports in Majorca are a big hit due to their perfect beaches. The best time to visit June, July and August.

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