Thursday, August 05, 2010

Es Trenc - Nude Beach in Mallorca

If you enjoy open, virgin beaches, different from the tourist setups where you usually spend your holidays, you most come to "ES TRENC". This track of coastal land on Mallorca is formed by several kilometers of sandy beaches with its original flora and is the only one of its kind remaining in a pure state on Mallorca. We suggest that you enjoy a full day in the clean, transparent waters. You can choose the spot that most pleases you within this extension of excellent beaches.

You can travel to this unique area by means of public transport. If you have your own transport, drive to the village of "Campos", from where you will be directed by signboards to "Sa Rapita". Just before reaching this sea-resort follow the sign "Ses Covetes" or "Es Trenc" and keep going straight-on until the very end, where you turn to the right into "Ses Covetes". Park your car as soon as you can and walk to the beach by following the ever-present beach-goers.

From this place on, you will enjoy the most untouched and solitary spot in the whole area. Many bathers prefer this spot, because they can swim naked, feeling the touch of the waves on their bodies, nothing between their skin and nature. This is the place called "Es Trenc". It is the nude beach of Mallorca.

After relaxing and having enjoyed the sand, sun and water, if you feel thirsty or hungry, you can visit the restaurants on the open beach. But do not forget, if you have visited this wonderful spot, it is above to enjoy nature.

You will probably wonder why there is no hotels or other constructions on the shore line. Well - the majority of Mallorcans put pressure on the government to leave "Es Trenc" untouched; they remember what El Arenal looked like before and after the tourist boom. This last natural beach should remain untouched.

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